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News One Now - Criminal Charges Against Vegas Cop

Family of Tashii Farmer seeking justice

Metro Accused Of Killing An Unarmed Man

Trevon Cole Channel 13 Interview With Andre Lagomarsino

Andre Lagomarsino's Interview Regarding SNHD Lawsuit

Clark County Court's Marshall's Excess Force?

Andre Lagomarsino Represents Former Nine Group Employee For Sexual Harassment

Wrongful Death Of Trevon Cole

Andre Lagomarsino Is Interviewed On Telemundo Regarding Police Shooting

Coroner Inquest Into Trevon Cole Case

Action News 13 Interview With Andre Lagomarsino Regarding Wrongful Death Case

Interview On Channel 13 KTNV With Andre Lagomarsino Regarding Trevon Cole



NJ Episode #1Sexual Harassment

NJ Episode #2 Lawyers Behaving Badly

NJ Episode #3 Police Behaving Badly

NJ Episode #4 Court Of Appeals

NJ Episode #5 Can Dressing Up Like A Clown Land You In Jail?

NJ Episode #7 Do The Police Need A Search Warrant To Enter Your Home?

NJ Episode #8 Are Nevada Pools Safe?

NJ Episode #9 Law Movies

NJ 10 How Much Is Your Case Worth?

NJ Episode #11 Deadly Las Vegas Police Shooting

NJ 12 Meet The Lagomarsino Law Staff


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