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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is an increasingly growing and important field of law, subject to changes in legislation at the state level.

Most people recognize that they should have some form of an estate plan in place to protect their family’s interests. However, given the emotional and often awkward aspects attributed to estate planning, families often neglect the issue and then are forced to rely on what their state laws dictate when their loved ones pass away without leaving a will or a trust. This reality can lead to an undesired distribution of a family estate, tax consequences, and other potentially unfortunate claims.

The professional team at Lagomarsino Law offers a variety of services in the areas of estate planning, including preparing wills, designing trusts, probate law, taxation, legacy planning, and business law. We recognize that each family situation is different. Our approach hinges on understanding your personal objectives and needs, assessing your unique situation, and then developing a plan that makes sense and preserves the value of your estate for your loved ones.

At Lagomarsino Law, you can expect to work closely with highly experienced attorneys that offer the technical knowledge of estate and financial planning, encompassing a wide area interests:


Retirement planning
Wealth transfer
Estate and gift taxes
Estate and Trust Administration
Guardianship of children
Transfer of  business ownership
Powers of Attorney
Charitable giving

Our team uses advanced planning tools and resources to design tailored estate plans for a diverse range of clients, including comprehensive wills, trusts, as well as disputes concerning a will, probate estate or trust.

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